San Antonio Mall LILISHANGPU LED Garage Light Aluminum Alloy Deformable Adjustabl SEAL limited product

LILISHANGPU LED Garage Light Aluminum Alloy Deformable Adjustabl
LILISHANGPU LED Garage Light Aluminum Alloy Deformable Adjustabl


Product description

Color:Black  |  Size:1pcs

Name: LED Garage Light
Appearance color: all black/all silver/black silver
Input voltage: AC 85-265V
Power: 150WPF: 0.5
Color temperature: 6000-6500K
Radium: 80
Luminous flux: 15000Lm
LED model: SMD2835
Number of LEDs: 288
Beam angle: 360°
Bulb socket: E27/ E26
Dimming enabled: no
Protection level: IP65
LED life: 50000 hours
LED working temperature: -25°C-40°C
Energy efficiency rating: A

Packing List:
1*4-division-part Folding Garage Light


2*4-division-part Folding Garage Light

1.Due to manual measurement, there may be a tolerance of 1-3mm, depending on the actual product received.
2. Due to different shooting equipment, there may be some chromatic aberration, which is purely normal.


San Antonio Mall LILISHANGPU LED Garage Light Aluminum Alloy Deformable Adjustabl SEAL limited product

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LILISHANGPU LED Garage Light Aluminum Alloy Deformable Adjustabl

San Antonio Mall LILISHANGPU LED Garage Light Aluminum Alloy Deformable Adjustabl SEAL limited product