Max 79% OFF Good Material Waterproof Products 3-5 Days delivery Biggest Discount Wholesale Vintage

Good Material Waterproof Products 3-5 Days delivery
Good Material Waterproof Products 3-5 Days delivery


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The size of this product: length 130mm*6mm. 30g in weight.Confidential delivery, no one knows what's in the package. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Give you a satisfactory solution within 12 hours


Max 79% OFF Good Material Waterproof Products 3-5 Days delivery Biggest Discount Wholesale Vintage

Discount Shop Online Store Dreambay Permanent Match Fire Starter 2/4 Pack with Carabiner, W The match is easy to strike and light. It is hard to refill because you cannot see the amount of fluid you are putting in. Also the bottom plug should be made of a stronger material. The first set of matches I had to return because the bottom plug broke and fluid was leaking out.I liked the ability to carry it while camping while the pro amp; con of needing to add lighter fluid. Definitely a good buy for the price just to have a flint to start a fire without lighter fluid.Recieved the 2 pack today. On one of them the plastic cover on the bottom was stipped/cross threaded right out of the box. I will not be using that one. Not a big dollar item so I will not bother returning them.The description was false and I only received 2 lighters not 4 I am very disappointedwill never buy again none of them work at allDont waste ur moneyLove the fact you can keep it on you key chain. They only thing I would change is the screw bottom I would have made it aluminum not plasticIt is a really cool product, works as advertised. However one of the units leaked from the bottom. Good Material Waterproof Products 3-5 Days delivery GENUINE LEATHER CRAFTSMANSHIP - Many survival lighters are made with plastic casings. Some use metal which are higher quality but there’s little style or uniqueness. The outside of our metal container is layered in 100% sheepskin leather. It not only provides a better grip and prevents the steel from becoming too cold to hold when used in low temperatures but is also a beautifully crafted long-lasting casing that looks classy and will be admired by many fellow survivalists. 10,000 TIMES MATCH FIRE STARTER - Many plastic lighters usually only last a couple of weeks. These waterproof matches strike anywhere, and the flint can be lit up over 10,000 times. Its applications are endless! It is not just a fire starter for campfires. It can be used for barbecues, fire pits, picnics, oil lanterns, Bunsen burners, candles, fireplaces, etc. Its sturdy construction guarantees that is great EDC (everyday carry) gear that you can use for a long time. PREMIUM QUALITY ALL METAL CONTAINER - Unlike many other flint match keychains, our container is not plastic. The all-metal waterproof lightweight container is shock absorbent up to 4 meters. It is anti-corrosion resistant and made to withstand extreme temperatures. With the added accessories we provide, this survival lighter is great for hiking, camping, hunting and a good addition for emergency kits. GREAT FOR TRAVELING AND BEING OUTDOORS - This permanent match fire starter combo comes with a lot of useful accessorie and survival tool. The zinc alloy carabiner is more efficient than traditional keyring when attaching this EDC gear to backpack, belt buckle, pouche etc. The paracord become glow-in-the-dark after absorbing natural daylight which makes the lighter easier to find at night. Under extreme weather conditions, the paracord can also be used as kindling to help start an outdoor fire. A NICE GIFT THAT COMES WITH A GUARANTEE - Prepackaged in a box set, this makes a great gift for people who love the outdoors or don’t want unrefillable plastic lighters that only last a couple of weeks. We stand by our product and if you have any issues please contact us so we can resolve them immediately to your full satisfaction. Product Description A Classy Long-Lasting Lighter Made to strike and ignite a flame over 10,000 times this all-metal container lighter is layered in 100% sheepskin leather and built to last. Whether in extreme weather conditions or just normal daily use, this compact lighter that fits your pocket will always provide you with the spark and flame you need. Need A Light? Maybe you have a gas stove, like candles, have a fireplace having this permanent match EDC (everyday carry) gear comes in handy. It is also great when you are in the outdoors on a picnic and need to light a fire pit or camping and hunting and want to start a fire. This flint lighter Keychain is easy to take just about anywhere. A Sturdy Design with Great Accessories The all-metal waterproof container is shock absorbent and anti-corrosion resistant. It comes with a carabiner that makes it easy to attach to backpacks, belt loops, pouches, and luggage. The paracord absorbs light and becomes glow-in-the-dark so this survival lighter is easy to find at night. We even provide extra wicks and O-rings making this a great combo to put in your emergency kit. How to Use the Permanent Match Fire Starter Keychain Before Lighting the Fire Starter · You will need to buy lighter fluid which is not included due to federal regulations. Any regular lighter fluid that you can find at a convenience or grocery store is fine. · You will then unscrew the top and take out the metal rod match which has a flint striker with the wick inside. · When you are using this product for the first time, take the metal rod match (scraper) and scrape it several times (about 10) against the black coating of the container flint strip so the flints protective coating is removed. · Then fill the container with lighter fluid half full. DO NOT FILL TO THE TOP!! · Screw the top with the metal match rod back onto the container and leave it for a minute so the wick can absorb the lighter fluid. Lighting the Match · After the protective coating on the flint has been scraped off and lighter fluid has been placed in the container with the match rod screwed on for a few minutes to absorb the fluid, unscrew the top and remove the match rod. · Hold the container at a 45° angle with the flint facing outward towards you. · Take the match rod and strike downwards or upwards using the flint Striker with wick against the flint. Hold your hand steady with the container at a 45° angle and do not move the container while striking. · Once the permanent match is lit, only let it burn for 5 to 10 seconds at most. Otherwise, you will start burning the cotton wick and its usage will be much shorter. · If you need strike another flame, please screw the match rod back onto the container and let it absorb fluid. Make sure there is sufficient lighter fluid, or the wick can't absorb it and work properly. Remember refill the lighter fluid when it starts to run empty. The more this product is used the easier it become. Changing the Wick When the wick becomes completely black or too short to strike against the flint, follow the instructions below: · Pull the wick out from the metal rod using pliers. Pull it out just far enough that the wick and striker will be able to scrape (wrap) against the flint effectively. This usually means the wick needs to be at least half the length of the flint striker outside the rod. · If the wick needs to be replaced entirely, pull out the wick from the metal rod using pliers. · Once the wick is fully removed, push the new wick back into the rod making sure that the end of the wick is pulled out at least half the length of the exposed flint striker. entrepreneurs gain new skills and access to new markets where they can turn their dreams and ideas into business success. Max 79% OFF Good Material Waterproof Products 3-5 Days delivery Biggest Discount Wholesale Vintage Sports Outdoors => Outdoor Recreation => Camping Hiking

Max 79% OFF Good Material Waterproof Products 3-5 Days delivery Biggest Discount Wholesale Vintage