Manufacturer OFFicial shop iPhone 13 Case,Deer Starry Sky Drop Protection Soft TPU Edges fo Outlet USA Sale

iPhone 13 Case,Deer Starry Sky Drop Protection Soft TPU Edges fo
iPhone 13 Case,Deer Starry Sky Drop Protection Soft TPU Edges fo


Product description

Color:Deer Starry Sky  |  Size:iPhone 13 (6.1 inch)

Compatibility :

Specially Designed Case for iPhone 13 - 6.1 inches.

Features :

1.This iPhone 13 case Durable and environmentally friendly, made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials, odorless and harmless to your health.

2.The iPhone 13 case The camera part is a unique raised design, you can better protect the camera and avoid bumps.

3.4 Corner Air Pocket Shock Bumpers for added protection your iPhone 13.

4.Precise Incision: Open Cut-Outs Offer More Convenient To Charge Without Removing The iPhone 13 Case. Support Wireless Charging With The Case On.

5.Our Simple And Elegant Cases Will Protect Your iPhone 13 During The Day And Night, Making Your Life Easier And More Colorful.


Manufacturer OFFicial shop iPhone 13 Case,Deer Starry Sky Drop Protection Soft TPU Edges fo Outlet USA Sale

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Manufacturer OFFicial shop iPhone 13 Case,Deer Starry Sky Drop Protection Soft TPU Edges fo Outlet USA Sale