Max 55% OFF Hair Cutting Scissors Kit Barber Scissors - Vfaejll Professional Free Shipping and Great Prices

Hair Cutting Scissors Kit Barber Scissors - Vfaejll Professional
Hair Cutting Scissors Kit Barber Scissors - Vfaejll Professional


Product description



Professional stainless steel black gold hair scissors 8PCS set
Create a convenient hair salon for you! !

How to choose a good barber scissors:
1. Blade sharpness
2. feel comfortable
3. Appropriate size
4. Blade hardness and body toughness
5. Corrosion resistance

Why choose us:
❤Hair scissors have a comfortable feel
The 6-inch hairdressing scissors are a more comfortable size. The offset handle design makes it more comfortable to hold. The adjustable screw can adjust the tension, which is suitable for long-term use.
❤Durable and sharp haircutting scissors
Professional hairdressing scissors are made of Japanese high-quality stainless steel, highly polished, fine workmanship, hardness of 58HRC, special surface coating, strong anti-corrosion, very durable, no hair when cutting, very suitable for professional hairdressers!
❤Barber scissors set provides the most comfortable haircut help
The hairdressing scissors set contains 8 complete sets. The leather bag provided is very suitable. It is easy to carry and can be applied to classic and modern haircut techniques. This is also a special gift that can be given to hairdressers, friends, etc.

Hair clipper tips:
1. Sharp blades may cause serious injury. Please note that only for adults. Keep away from children! !
2. Keep it clean after use and lubricate if necessary.
3. Please use scissors carefully. Do not drop it from a high place, otherwise the edge of the scissors will become narrow. damaged.
4. Don't use scissors to cut metal objects, only use scissors to cut hair, otherwise it will shorten the service life.
5. If you have any questions about our scissors, please feel free to contact us, we will solve it for you within 24 hours.


Max 55% OFF Hair Cutting Scissors Kit Barber Scissors - Vfaejll Professional Free Shipping and Great Prices

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Max 55% OFF Hair Cutting Scissors Kit Barber Scissors - Vfaejll Professional Free Shipping and Great Prices