Cheap Outlet Store USA YUECHI Carbon Fiber ABS Plastic for BMW 3 Series F30 2013-2018 C Best Prices For Sale

YUECHI Carbon Fiber ABS Plastic for BMW 3 Series F30 2013-2018 C
YUECHI Carbon Fiber ABS Plastic for BMW 3 Series F30 2013-2018 C


Product description

Car Air Conditioning Vent Frame Trim Accessories
Fitment :For BMW 3 Series F30 2013-2018
Material: ABS
Package: 1 pcs/set
Ship DHL About 3-7 Work Days Delivery It
Feature:100% brand new
Easy to install and clean

Installation method:
1) The items back with auto adhesive glue.
2) Clean the suface where you want to stick. Keep dry and clean.
3) Please do press hard especially on the edges at least 2 mins after installing.
4) If the weather is cold.Please use the hair dryer(hot air blowing)in order to provide the best connection.
5) Please don't touch water and Keep dry after been install at least 72 hours. Or it will easy to fall off.
Enhances both style and performance

Designed exclusively for car
Manufactured using premium-grade materials
Direct fit - easy to install
Offered in various finishes for seamless match
All orders will shipped within 24 hours!
If You Need Help Or Have Questions About You Order Please Contact us
We Hope You Never have zhe need,but if you do,our service is friendly and hassle-free

Cheap Outlet Store USA YUECHI Carbon Fiber ABS Plastic for BMW 3 Series F30 2013-2018 C Best Prices For Sale

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Cheap Outlet Store USA YUECHI Carbon Fiber ABS Plastic for BMW 3 Series F30 2013-2018 C Best Prices For Sale