Max 57% OFF Drawing Board Poster Board Storage Bag 300D Matte Canvas Multi-F Max 77% OFF

Drawing Board Poster Board Storage Bag 300D Matte Canvas Multi-F
Drawing Board Poster Board Storage Bag 300D Matte Canvas Multi-F


Product description

Color:dark blue


1. Made of canvas fabric, it is more wear-resistant, softer and lighter, more convenient to carry out.

2. Anti-aging, good air permeability and long service life.

3. You can place pencils, pencil bags, etc. on the top. There is a pocket in the lower part for tools such as a color box.

4. Thick and wear-resistant portable hand guard, comfortable to handle, more convenient to carry

5. The side storage can be placed on the metal easel for easy storage.

6. Large pocket storage, 4K drawing board and 4K drawing can be placed inside the bag, which is convenient to carry.

8. Small bags can be used for pigments, pencils, etc. Sketch paper, watercolor book, etc. can be placed in the middle bag.

9. The strap buckle can be adjusted freely for people of different heights.

10. The connection between the shoulders of the drawing bag is enhanced by the automatic knotting machine, and the quality is more guaranteed.

11. The shoulder strap is thickened and widened, and the shock-proof cotton is added inside to make the shoulders more comfortable.



Condition: 100% Brand New

Item Type: Art Bag

Color: Gray, Black, Khaki, Red, Dark Blue (optional)

Size: Approx. 66 x 49 x 6cm / 26 x 19.3 x 2.4in

Material: 300D Matte Canvas


Package List:

1 x Art Bag



1. Please allow slight error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.

2. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.


Max 57% OFF Drawing Board Poster Board Storage Bag 300D Matte Canvas Multi-F Max 77% OFF

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Max 57% OFF Drawing Board Poster Board Storage Bag 300D Matte Canvas Multi-F Max 77% OFF