Buy Online At Best Prices OUKENS Boat Navigation Lights, Portable Durable Yacht Navigation Offers UK

OUKENS Boat Navigation Lights, Portable Durable Yacht Navigation
OUKENS Boat Navigation Lights, Portable Durable Yacht Navigation


Product description

1. Widely used. It can be used as a bow light, stern light or driving light, which can improve the safety when rowing, especially at night.
2. Suitable for most pontoons, yachts, speed tackles, tourist buses, fishing boats, speed boats and other vessels.
3. LED light source, simple and effective marine safety lighting device with low power consumption and reduces blind spots during boating at night.
4. Durable structure. Made of high‑quality materials, light weight and long service life.
5. Professional manufacturing, stable performance and high reliability.

Condition: 100% brand new
Item type: Yacht Navigation Light
Material: PP
Color: As picture shown
Weight: Approx. 120g 
LED lights color: green for starboard, red for port 
Beam angle: 225 degrees
Working voltage: DC12V
Wattage: 1W
Suitable for yachts: about 35ft

Package List:
1 x Yacht Signal Light
2 x Screw
1 x Instruction


Buy Online At Best Prices OUKENS Boat Navigation Lights, Portable Durable Yacht Navigation Offers UK

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Buy Online At Best Prices OUKENS Boat Navigation Lights, Portable Durable Yacht Navigation Offers UK