Outlets Online Drymate Hungry Kitty Personalized Cat Litter Box Mat Outlet Sale Discount Prices

Drymate Hungry Kitty Personalized Cat Litter Box Mat
Drymate Hungry Kitty Personalized Cat Litter Box Mat


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The drymate cat litter mat is the solution for your cat litter mess. This soft, machine washable mat cleans litter from paws, reducing litter tracking. Our patented zorb-tech anti-flow technology stops spills from soaking through and damaging floors.


Outlets Online Drymate Hungry Kitty Personalized Cat Litter Box Mat Outlet Sale Discount Prices

Pet Supplies => Cats => Beds Furniture at our store, we stock over 2000 models, so if you see the manufacturer, but not the model, don't be shy - give us a call and we will be happy to check! Drymate Hungry Kitty Personalized Cat Litter Box Mat Furhaven Pet - Reinforced Cot Bed with Metal Frame, Detachable P DESIGNED FOR PETS: The cot bed's elevated design keep pets off wet, dirty, and uncomfortable surfaces, while also promoting proper air circulation beneath the raised supportive mesh fabric for improved cooling and air flow SLEEP SURFACE: The sleep surface features durable woven mesh fabric that is supportive and breathable, providing improved joint support as well as better ventilation for cooling and enhanced lounging comfort WEATHERPROOF: The durable mesh fabric is weatherproof, making the cot bed ideal for all-season use in both indoor and outdoor settings PRODUCT DETAILS: Espresso; Extra Small, 31.5" x 22" x 6" (Sleep Surface: 23.7" x 21.5") AVAILABLE VARIANTS: The bed comes in Espresso, Forest, Deep Blue, and Gray; it's also available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large EASY CARE: The camp cot is made easy to clean for your convenience; for more specific cleaning instructions, please refer to the hang tag and/or seam label (if applicable) CUSTOMER ASSURANCE: The product comes with a 90-day limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for our 60-day Worry-Free Program; restrictions apply: purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party resellers may not be covered by Furhaven Product description Style:Cot Bed  |  Size:X-Small (Pack of 1)  |  Color:(Cot) Espresso Pet cots are strong, hammock-style beds which your dog, cat, or other pet will absolutely love resting on. These Furhaven New amp; Improved Reinforced Breathable Cooling Mesh Elevated Pet Cot Beds stand more than six inches off the floor and let fresh air circulate underneath your pet while elevating them off of uncomfortable surfaces that may be hot, cold, or hard. Fade-resistant, breathable mesh fabric is attached to four metal legs, and allows air to flow underneath your loved one, keeping them at a comfortable temperature even on a hot day. Aging pets and pets with mobility or joint issues benefit from resting on pet cots too, and they won’t have trouble climbing on or off. With a lightweight design, these cot beds are easily moved from room to room. Your pet can also enjoy relaxing outdoors as the mesh is durable and made for all-season use. Pet cots are easy to clean; just hand-wash with mild soap and let them air dry. From the manufacturer Furhaven Reinforced Pet Cot Bed Espresso, Extra Small The Furhaven Reinforced Pet Cot Bed is designed to provide optimum comfort in both indoor and outdoor settings for all seasons. The 6-inch elevation keeps your fur buddy off uncomfortable surfaces that may be hot, cold, or wet, while also allowing for air to circulate underneath for improved airflow. The mesh netting of the sleep surface helps keep your pet at a comfortable temperature even during a hot summer day. Weight Capacities XS amp; SM: Up to 80 pounds MD: Up to 110 pounds LG: Up to 130 pounds Measurements XS: 31.5" x 22.25" x 6" SM: 35.5" x 25.25" x 6" MD: 43.25" x 32.25" x 6.75" LG: 52" x 36.25" x 7.5" Sleep Surface The sleep surface is lined with low-impact, fade-resistant, reinforced mesh fabric that increases airflow, helps with joint support, and provides maximum comfort. Elevated Design With your pet lifted 6-inches off the ground, air is allowed to circulate underneath the cot bed and pass through the mess netting to help cool your pet under the summer heat. This design also keeps your pet from laying on uncomfortable surfaces, ensuring maximum comfort no matter the season. Stable Design The cot bed is super easy to set up and features secure, snap-in locking pins that keeps the pet bed sturdy for even the heftiest of pups! Additional Information Reinforced Support Increased Airflow Available in Multiple Sizes Authentic Furhaven Merchandise Cot Blanket Self-Warming Pet Blanket ThermaNAP Pet Mat ThermaNAP Bed Pad ThermaPup Self-Warming Insert Features The cot blanket is detachable and features a zippered pouch for bedding inserts. Waterproof and heat reflective, your pet will love being wrapped in the toasty warmth of this super cozy throw blanket. The insulating velvet surface of this blanket mat furthers its self-warming properties. This super cozy, quilted, self-warming bed pad is perfect for keeping small dogs and felines warm and toasty. Slip this reflective thermal insert sheet under the cover of your pet's favorite bed, mat, or blanket to keep them warm and toasty! Available in Multiple Sizes ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ I have a 100lb one year old Doberman and he destroyed every bed that I have owned, untill now. I have been looking for a bed that he can not destroy. Then I found this bed, thank god. This bed is built strong. There is nothing that he can get and bite. It is big enogh for him to fit on comfortably. If I could change one thing is that there were sides that touch the floor so his toys do not find there way under the bed.Great addition to a dog house! Cannot have materials that trap water. Hay is one of best beddings to use, blankets trap water (I would much rather have a dog inside).Water repels off silver parts of this product. Silver part is same as those emergency blankets they have for humans. The edges where black foam is at between two silver sides could potentially get moisture in them, ideally you could cover this in tape maybe if worried. A dog I know that lives outside, this I was able to fit inside her dog house with extra material to spare, so I wrapped it up the edges and back of dog house, adding more insulation/potential to reflect body heat.I got biggest size knowing I could cut it down, but didn’t need to. It definitely would have been easy to cut if needed. I am glad I was able to add potentially more insulation/reflect body warmth for this outdoor dog. She was thrilled with dog toys I brought her too! Hopefully she learns to use the new clear door on house (owners notified to monitor).I bought the size small for a 17 pound mini toy Golden Doodle. I took my best guess on size as best I could based on other reviews. My pup is small, and just a little bit lanky. You see her and you think small dog. Some people mistake her for a poodle. The size small is too small. But my dog generally curls up instead of spreading out, so I'm going with it. If your dog likes to stretch out, take that into consideration when ordering and go larger. Wish the item description itself have more information on sizing for breeds. Wouldn't have to list every breed, keep a few common ones to give us an idea. I need this dog cot now or I would exchange it. Mine arrived in the product box with no additional box or packing. Box was pretty beat up on arrival. One of the metal tubes got really dented. Sort of collapsed in on itself for about 6 inches of the length of the tube. But the cot still seems to work, so I'm letting that slide too. Overall construction is good. I recommend the product. But item description really needs more info on sizing. I ordered a dog crate. For each size they gave an example of a familiar dog breed that fit each crate, and it helped considerably. This dog cot is easy to assemble. Good quality. Very poor shipping. Sizing a mess.Love this bed so much we bought two! The mesh ripped away from seam with the smaller one (although my dog is within weight limit, she does run and jump onto it) and so it did pull away. Contacted customer support with the company, they have a warranty on it and are shipping me out a new mesh cover for free, their customer service is phenomenal. I absolutely love that these beds can be used both indoors and out we had one of them outside for the whole summer and at the end of the summer we just hosed it down dried it off and brought it inside.. it does not hold any dog smell whatsoever, its lightweight and breathable for those hot days or you can put a nice cozy bed on top for them to snuggle up with on these colder days. We absolutely love these cots. especially since our dog is completely spoiled and does not like to lay on the ground she likes being up on something and this prevents her from sneaking away to lay on the couch lolI ordered a couple of these to put on my couch because my house is cold at night and I hoped this would encourage my very big cats to sleep there for warmth instead of in my bed and on top of me. After laying these out on the couch and covering them with a wool blanket, I decided to lie down for awhile (1/2 an hour) to test them out. Not only are they hard and uncomfortable, they didn't generate any warmth whatsoever. Too bad cats and dogs can't write reviews or tell their parents that these thinks don't work and they're still cold!The bars/legs to hold the mesh bed are fine, the mesh itself is horribly cheap and only after a few weeks of use holes are wearing through where my pup sits.I purchased a large which claims to be rated for a 130lb big dog. My Akita is just shy of 100lb and the bed barely fits him. My pup doesn't chew or dig but already from just him hopping in and out of it the mesh is wearing thin and ripping. NOT WORTH IT! My dogs love them! We have two German Shepherd mutts, a senior rottweiler, and a pittie. These four have previously destroyed stuffed beds like it's their job. The large beds keep them off the floor and are difficult for them to destroy.My 6 month old Border Collie loves this bed. He jumps on it and slides across to catch whatever toy I throw for him. He sleeps comfortably on it when he naps, he's rough on it but its still standing lol.I think he's able to sleep nice and cool due to the mesh type fabric and it being up off the ground.My son put it together and he said it was not difficult to do (but he is a mechanic so.....) lol.I would highly recommend this doggy bed for your dog since mine loves his.Picture shows Angus playing with his toys on this bed. Excuse the mess he made by knocking his food bowl over. This is in my office where he and I work all day! :D Sacramento Mall Outlets Online Drymate Hungry Kitty Personalized Cat Litter Box Mat Outlet Sale Discount Prices

Outlets Online Drymate Hungry Kitty Personalized Cat Litter Box Mat Outlet Sale Discount Prices