Gorgeous Outdoor Walking Pole, Walking Pole, Comfortable Human Hands for Kansas City Mall

Outdoor Walking Pole, Walking Pole, Comfortable Human Hands for
Outdoor Walking Pole, Walking Pole, Comfortable Human Hands for


Product description

1. A straight handle suitable for human hands, strong, durable, more comfortable to use, non‑slip design.
2. Rubber grip, the curvature is more scientific and fits the hand structure, easy to hold.
3. Shock absorption design, can reduce the impact of the wrist, arm and shoulder.
4. The adjustable nylon wristband can be loosened or tightened and can be easily adjusted to the required firmness.
5. Four‑section retractable design, easy to use and store, an important accessory for mountaineering.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Walking Pole
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Tungsten Steel + Rubber + Nylon
Color: Blue
Length: Approx. 51-110cm / 20.1-43.3in 

Package List:
1 x Walking Pole

1. Please allow slight error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.
2. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.


Gorgeous Outdoor Walking Pole, Walking Pole, Comfortable Human Hands for Kansas City Mall

Outdoor Walking Pole, Walking Pole, Comfortable Human Hands for This is a solid stand for most (not all) medium sized combo amps, but you might have to do some minor tweaking for it to work correctly. It’s good for most casual musicians. Better amp stands are out there that cater to the professional market, but at a considerably higher cost.If your amp is wider than 19" and has a mostly an open back, then measure carefully to be sure the rear support tube will be in solid contact with the amp before ordering. This was not an issue for my Peavey VIP2. The distance the rear tube comes up from the bottom of the amp will vary slightly depending on how you adjust the stand, the way I have it adjusted the rear tube is about 11.5" up from the bottom of the amp.Some people have complained about the teeth not meeting properly on the stand adjustment sprockets (see photos). I had the same issue and it was easily solved in under 5 minutes by loosening the lock nut on the non adjustable side with hand tools (a couple of adjustable wrenches or pliers).Additionally, I found the adjustment knob to be tighter than I preferred so I adjusted it. This optional fix was slightly more involved, but still pretty easy. The adjustment knob is spring loaded and the spring can either be removed entirely, or it can be pre-compressed more so that it has less travel. I removed the spring and cinched it down in a vice reducing the travel by about a 1/4. This worked very well to eliminate the issue, while still preserving the functionality of the spring of keeping some tension on the know even when it's loosened. If you don't have a vice, a large pair of pliers might work (always be careful working with springs under tension). See my photos.With the above modifications, and correctly adjusting the stand, it is very solid. If one adjusts the stand too high, it may become front heavy and unstable, so be certain the adjustment works well for your amp before putting it in service.My review was unsolicited and I paid for the stand myself. I hope you found it helpful.Was looking for a small amp stand that had good reviews and would not raise the amplifier too far off of the floor when I found this one from ASC. After ordering and receiving the stand, I tried it out with my Fender Blues Junior combo amplifier and it fits the amp perfectly. The sides of the amp rest on the rubber ends so the amp does not touch any metal when sitting on the stand. The adjustment on the stand is wide ranging and can achieve a large angle of tilt. Be aware however that if your amp is very large, the more you tilt the stand the better the stability. Even with this small amp, too low of a tilt angle can be unstable - but why buy the stand if you are not looking to tilt it back?The locking teeth on the stand give great stability by keeping the stand from slipping once set up.Very happy with this purchase!a little higher up than I thought it would be, but nice that I got my pedal board running a little under my amp, now i dont kick my amp when i go to switch effects. Wish there was more adjustability but it is what it is, one of the more affordable stands can't be asking too much. The back power plug socket on my amp (Bugera v5) barely interferes with the back bar of the stand (bottom of the plug hitting top of the bar) but I got the weight of the amp slightly resting on it and I don't think it's severe enough that it's a danger. Stand won't be moved around much so I expect it to last for a long long time.I really like this stand and won't hesitate to recommend this, BUT I ran into the same problem as the negative reviewers in that the stand was crooked and the locking teeth did not mesh properly. It was a very simple fix but that is the only reason it is not five stars.The seller, HiFi Sound Connection, was excellent and offered a replacement when I contacted them, but rather than going through that process I decided to disassemble the stand. It turns out in my case that the bolt on the NON locking side (this side without the thumbscrew) was too tight. This ended up pulling apart the two halves of the locking side and prevented the teeth from meshing.By simply loosening the lock nut on the left (non-locking) side of the stand, the teeth meshed perfectly and the stand is very solid.Also, two of the rubber end caps are actually adjustable height feet. Look for the ones that are not perfectly round. You can take these caps off and put them anywhere, then twist them into position to prevent the amp or the stand from wobbling.This is a very good stand, just needs a little tweaking sometimes. Won't hesitate to recommend.Poor design. The frame is strong and of decent quality but the locking mechanism is a real fail point. I tried to place a 68-lb 2x12 tube combo amplifier on it and it collapsed (luckily I caught It). The only lock is a single circular toothed clamp at one lateral joint and it is weak and hard to tighten. Afraid it will disintegrate if I tension it properly. If there were two such locks, one on each joint, it might have been OK. This little stand can hold an amp up to around 40 lbs, but I don't trust it. If you buy this, use it in your music room only. Put your little amp on it and don't move it from its spot. IMHO, this is not road gear.I've got a pretty heavy Vox AC30 combo amp on it, and it's pretty stable. It doesn't stand as upright as I'd hoped, but I'd rather have it lean back more and be stable, than be more upright, and easily tip over. There's another review where they're talking about how easy it is to tip over. Well, it is, if you set it up wrong. Don't set it up like an idiot and you'll be fine. It's all about center of gravity, and if it's too up right, the center of gravity will be really close to the edge, hence the instability. Lean it back more and the legs open, putting the weight over pretty spread out legs and now you're safe. It's not even that tilted back for me either, if it were a clock and 12 was completely straight up, this is probably a little more angled than 11, maybe 10.5, slightly closer to 11. It's totally acceptable for what it is I think. I'd buy it again if I need another. our website is the only official online portal . Product description Low profile stand for large guitar amps or combos Width: 19 Inches Folded height: 22 Inches Weight capacity: 99 lbs. Stand  is constructed from lightweight steel Front to back depth range: 8 to 11 Inches Front tier height range: 11 to 18 1/2 Inches Back tier height range: 11 to 18 1/2 Inches Stand weight: 7 lbs. Sale Cheap Price Gorgeous Outdoor Walking Pole, Walking Pole, Comfortable Human Hands for Kansas City Mall Musical Instruments => Instrument Accessories => Guitar Bass Accessories ASC Professional Guitar Amp Stand or Speaker Cabinet Adjustable

Gorgeous Outdoor Walking Pole, Walking Pole, Comfortable Human Hands for Kansas City Mall