Discount Wholesale USA Outlet Alaysom Womens Modest Swimwear Swimsuit Muslim Swimwear Hijab Sw discount

Alaysom Womens Modest Swimwear Swimsuit Muslim Swimwear Hijab Sw
Alaysom Womens Modest Swimwear Swimsuit Muslim Swimwear Hijab Sw


Product description

New Southeast Asian Women's Swimwear Middle Eastern Conservative Modest Swimwear three-piece suit

Muslim Swimsuit Set is "Polyester " SPF fabric, made of the world's best-selling sunscreen fabric, blocks more than 95% of UV rays, UPF40-50 +.

*Long sleeve
*Breathable amp;Good stitching
*Excellent abrasion
*special printing, soft touch, stunning upper body.
*Three-piece design, sunscreen and good-looking.

Warm Tip:
1. In order to avoid the inconvenience of return or exchange, please carefully choose your own size, especially please pay attention to the bust size.
2. You could find the specific size data in the second picture.
3. Please choose the size depends on our sizing chart as below, don't choose the size depends on your habbits or experiences.
4. Fabrics have a certain flexibility, and there are still 1-3cm measurement errors.
5. The actual swimsuit color is close to the picture color. There might be a little color difference due to the monitor, camera or other factors.

Please keep contact with us, and we will always give you our best service. Thank you!


Discount Wholesale USA Outlet Alaysom Womens Modest Swimwear Swimsuit Muslim Swimwear Hijab Sw discount

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Discount Wholesale USA Outlet Alaysom Womens Modest Swimwear Swimsuit Muslim Swimwear Hijab Sw discount