Columbus Mall Xkun 2 Large Drawers x-Shaped Wooden Twins Day Bed Frame with St Sale Online Cheap Store

Xkun 2 Large Drawers x-Shaped Wooden Twins Day Bed Frame with St
Xkun 2 Large Drawers x-Shaped Wooden Twins Day Bed Frame with St



Product description

Color:White With Trundle

Overall Dimension: This standard twin size daybed is designed with form and function in mind. Daybed dimension: 76"L x 42.3"W x 36.1"H. Daybed weight capacity: 250 lbs. Mattress thickness: 6".


Columbus Mall Xkun 2 Large Drawers x-Shaped Wooden Twins Day Bed Frame with St Sale Online Cheap Store

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Columbus Mall Xkun 2 Large Drawers x-Shaped Wooden Twins Day Bed Frame with St Sale Online Cheap Store