In Stock Driver Side Painted Black Shell and Insert Grille Assembly Compa Purchase Wholesale Online

Driver Side Painted Black Shell and Insert Grille Assembly Compa
Driver Side Painted Black Shell and Insert Grille Assembly Compa


Product description

JSKL Auto offers quality aftermarket replacement parts that are designed to fit and function just like the OE equivalent parts. Whether you're a DIY mechanic or a body shop, we've got the parts to get your car or truck back on the road. Often there are many different options for your specific vehicle year make and model. Please make sure the OEM reference numbers and/or partslink number you are purchasing matches the part that you need.

Part Name: Grille Assembly
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Color: Painted Black Shell and Insert
Placement on Vehicle: Driver Side
Material: Plastic
Type: Grille
Part Link Number: GM1200374
OE Number: 22588749
Other Part Number: 22588749


In Stock Driver Side Painted Black Shell and Insert Grille Assembly Compa Purchase Wholesale Online

UPETTOOLS Aquarium Air Stone Fish Tank Nano Bubble Stone Kit wit Tucson Mall The media could not be loaded.  Came nicely packaged. The stone comes with 2 suction cups and a mount for the stone. I never had this fancy of a bubble stone before. I usually bought ones that you place or try and hide but this one looks classy, very clean. I like how you can suction cup it anywhere in the aquarium. If you want bubbles on the top half of aquarium, attach it halfway up the aquarium. I was used to just buying the stones that lay at the bottom of the aquarium so this was a nice surprise. Really lets you make your aquarium look unique. Came with a yellow regulator valve, so you can control how much or how little bubbles you have in your tank. It’s a fancier valve then i had before, its a good size, easy to twist and even includes a seal inside for leak proof operation. Refer to picture of size difference between the tiny blue regulator valve that i had, compared to the yellow one that came with this bubble stone. The size makes it very easy to turn and adjust. The regulator being included was a nice surprise since i never bought a bubble stone that came with it! This bubbler is nicely made, looks classy not cheap! In the video, you can see what it looks like at the various different levels adjusted by the regulator. Overall i am very happy with this item and it is definitely worth the money! NOTE: you do need to have your own tubing, it did not come with any tubing to connect it to your air pump. Also, i would recommend buying a check valve in addition to this stone. I had a check valve already but if you dont, buy one! You dont want the airpump to fail and all of a sudden your whole aquarium drains through the airstone all over your house!The stone is working fine now but it did not at first. There were absolutely no instructions of any kind. It took about twenty minutes of going back and forth fiddling with the valve before it started working. I was also under the impression when I ordered that tubing was included. I went back and read the description and see now that is not the case. It should be stated more clearly.The media could not be loaded.  Couple things I have an issue with, the section cups provided are very weak and almost useless will probably have to replace them in a week or so. The air inlet is glass and all though sleek design and appearance have had other glass inlet air product break rendering the product useless. It is alittle loud when turned up more than half (see video) BUT!!! For the price is it well worth it. Got this for one of my 40 gallon breeders with my cull neo cardinia shrimp to raise the O2 levels in the tank. Went from 6mg to over 12mg within 24 hours. Exactly what I needed. The fact that it also looks pretty good is a bonus too. I also got the larger option and not the smaller one because of my tank size. Hopefully will last for a while and I will update in a couple monthsThe media could not be loaded.  This was actually a video for a different product and just happened to realize I could use it for both after filming. You can see that I have it on about a medium yield as of now, on a lower setting you can get a much less disruptive bubble flow if that's something your worried about or on a higher setting this could easily provide an easy method to get slightly brackish water for 10-15 gallons and under. I needed an excuse to clean my filter anyway as you can see I'm getting quite the build up on some things and am in the middle of removing and replacing some dead plants, so don't judge the mess to harshly lol. If you have questions feel free to ask...I like the mini bubbles from this air stone which is very nice. The problem for me is that it is supposed to be cleaned weekly(!) if one is using light, according to the seller, which is a huge hassle. I used it for about 3 months in the summer amp; it has turned dark grey green from the algae. I used a stiff brush amp; a blade to scrape off the algae which worked for external algae but the green color was set inside the stone. After I took it out the only way to get rid of the dark grey green color is to soak it in bleach. It would’ve been rated higher if it wasn’t that expensive for an air stone, and one that gets dirty so quickly.The media could not be loaded.  I use this for my tadpole tank. I didn’t need a strong bubbler for them and I love how this one comes with a control valve so I can adjust the amount of air bubbles in the tank. When you have it fully open, the bubbles are very fine and dense with lower air flow the bubbles are still fine but just not as strong. The suction cups work well, I have had to restick them a couple times but it was after I cleaned the tank so I could have knocked it loose. Overall, I really love this thing, I’m going to order another for my bigger aquarium.The diffuser does exactly what the manufacturer says. It emits a huge stream of nano bubbles. I run mine with a Sunsun CT402 air pump. I can have it running on full like in the picture, or dial it down using the supplied valve, which I do when it comes to feeding time. In the carton along with the diffuser was a yellow valve and a metre of air hose, and 2 plastic sucker attachments. The suckers are, to say the least, not quality products, so I replaced them with suckers from my spares box. I purchased this product on the 4th of July. Amazon told me I would receive it by 16 July. I received the diffuser on 10 July. Now seeing as I can order a product from a store in Auckland, and it can take a whole week to get to me in Blenheim, I think the service of the company that supplied the diffuser is second to none. I have had the diffuser running now for 7 days straight without any issues. No mould, as if mould could be a problem in a aquarium, no breaking glass, because we are careful with all thIngs pertaining to our aquarium, no dust or debris coming from the diffuser, just like any other air stone. So, in summary, a quality product that does exactly what the manufacturer says it does. Only let down is the suckers supplied are crap. And the only other problem with the product is the human element, and that is why some of us weren’t allowed to use scissors at kindergarten. Pet Supplies => Fish Aquatic Pets => Aquarium Pumps Filters 【Produces Small Dense Bubbles Quietly】 This aquarium air bubble stone which can create a very dense cloud of small bubbles quietly. when the bubbles burst into the water, the sound is quieter. Create lots of thin bubbles in fish tank, make dazzling curtain effect. 【Double Oxygen Dissolving Rate】Great to add oxygen to your hydroponics growing system, Increase oxygen levels, lower CO2 and raise PH. 【Easy to Use】2 Suction cup makes the air stone adsorbed on the tank firmly. Durable, great for home, office fish tank, aquarium and hydroponics nutrient tanks. 【Adjustable】If You Need the Very Dense Cloud of Small Bubbles, Please Adjust the Air Pump by Hand.The air volume of this nano aquarium bubbler can be adjusted by the control valve. Product Description Features: Our Upettools Nano disc air stone is very smooth and exquisite, not like other poor quality air stone touch rough.The air diffuser area produces small amp; dense bubbles quietly, super sturdy and durable. Package Includes: 35mm Nano air disc stone,1 control valve,2 suction cups(Please note: the deeper the nano-disk is placed in the fish tank, the gas pump watts may need to be increased to drive) . Easy to Clean: Please soak me in the water, gently brush the dirt on the surface with a brush, dry in the sun for half a day, and you will get a new perfect mano bubble stone. Range of Use: Office, fish tank, decoration, hydroponic environment. Freshwater and saltwater can do. Healthy and beautiful environment: The air volume of this nano aquarium bubbler can be adjusted by the control valve. High Dissolved Oxygen Rate: Compared with ordinary bubble stone, the nano bubble stone emits more bubbles, and the gas and the water surface are more widely contacted, which makes the dissolved oxygen amount larger. Specification: Sizes: 1.38 inch Weight: 1.76oz/50g Compatible air pump wattage: 1.5-3W Outlet size:It can be compatible with airline of 4mm. Note: If only a small amount of air bubbles are generated after the correct installation is completed, please turn off the air pump and then turn on the air pump. The deeper the nano-disk is placed in the fish tank, the gas pump watts may need to be increased to drive. We suggest to clean the disc once a month. Don’t put it under aquarium light to avoid moss. If want to create beautiful and fairy bubbles wall, please buy 2 or more different size of air stones. 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In Stock Driver Side Painted Black Shell and Insert Grille Assembly Compa Purchase Wholesale Online